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The next generation of sequencing has arrived with Universal Sequencing’s TELL-SEQ™ Whole Genome Sequencing (WGS) Library Prep Kit. This new technology changes the idea of sequencing with a solution that is easy, scalable and universal.

  • Long read NGS library preparation method

  • Easy of use: hands-on time ( < 1 hour)

  • Single tube process: sequencing ready library in 3 hours

  • Low DNA input: 0.5ng to 5ng depending on genome size

  • Highly scalable for small and large genomes, 1Mb to 5Gb

  • Easy for Automation

For genome sizes from 1MB to 5GB

For genome sizes from 1MB to 5GB


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WHo we are

In July, 2015, a group of NGS veterans from Roche/454 established Universal Sequencing Technology Corporation (dba UST Corporation), dedicated in the development of the most advanced DNA sequencing technologies that provide long read, fast, accurate and cost effective DNA/RNA sequencing solutions

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How does it work?

Think generating a library in three hours sounds too good to be true? Explore the technology behind Universal Sequencing and how we can bring innovation to your research.


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Become a part of the TEAM

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