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CERTIFICATE Of ANAlySIS (Coming soon) SAFETY DATA (COming soon)



  • Long read NGS library preparation method

  • EasE of use: hands-on time ( < 1 hour)

  • Single tube process: sequencing ready library in 3 hours

  • Low DNA input: 0.5ng to 5ng depending on genome size

  • Highly scalable for small and large genomes, 1Mb to 5Gb

  • Easy for Automation

Software Options:

  • Small Genomes(1mb-200mb)

  • Medium Genomes (200mb-1gb)

  • Large genomes (1gb-5gb)

  • Super genomes (>5Gb)

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TELL-Seq WGS Library Prep kit includes:

  • TELL-SeqTM WGS Library Reagent Box 1

  • TELL-SeqTM WGS Library Reagent Box 2

  • TELL-SeqTM Library Index Primer Kit

  • TELL-SeqTM Illumina Sequencing Primer Kit